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Savant’s Apple®-based smart home and office technologies are designed to deliver an unprecedented level of efficiency and simplicity, providing each user with a streamlined "smart" technology experience. From simple media room control to a fully integrated whole-house audio and video, corporate automation systems, or even non-invasive retrofit solutions with very little wiring — Syncomation with Savant technology can meet the demands of any installation.

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Retirement and Rehabilitaion Facilities
Digital signage is an effective and inexpensive way to deliver your required daily menus and activities to your residents. Rather than having an employee spend hours upon hours creating the daily posters, use digital signage and have the whole week set to change automatically. With Firecast, one person can set the daily updates once and the system will cycle to the next day with no need to walk from location to location. Video distribution can broadcast all across your campus to keep everyone informed, while you easily meet your state required displays.

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Hospitality and Conference Centers
The automation technology of today makes managing site wide systems a breeze. Take seconds, instead of minutes, to prepare for the next group coming into your space. Centrally managed control and rock-solid reliability will keep your conference rooms ready for any event.

Using digital signage you will be able to keep your guests and visitors up to date on the latest news, events, weather or specials you may be offering. Placed in your lobby you'll be able to display up to the minute information. Quick and easy management allows your employees to make sure your guests are taken care of, increasing customer satisfaction and return bookings.

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