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In addition to our corporate and commercial projects, we also do residential installations and systems. This project is a basic basement or living room upgrade we can do for you. It is affordable and the results are stunning. Clean lines, no messy wires hanging around, and amazing sound quality to go with crystal clear high definition TV or movies.

We started with a Panasonic 50" plasma TV and installed the mount above the existing gas fireplace.

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We then added in-wall speakers, and ran all the cables back to a cabinet out of view. An inexpensive Yamaha receiver was used as a HDMI switch between Comcast, blu-ray player and game system, and it also provided 85 watts per channel to the speakers.

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The results are very aesthetically pleasing once everything is in place.

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For a small amount of money this homeowner was able to go from a 12 year old, standard definition, tube TV to a full high definition display with significantly upgraded audio. His response was "I only got to go down for about 15 minutes, but it looks and sounds terrific! Thank you!"