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Alex Roush Architects has been in business since 1984. Their work with healthcare, among other industries, is well know. They were looking to update their conference room, and invited us in to discuss the latest technologies.

Since they do a lot of design services, we knew that anything we could offer to bring their relationship closer to the client would be well received. We discussed many options, but settled on the latest in interactive virtual whiteboards from Epson. An extremely affordable, ultra-short throw, projector, the Epson Brightlink 485wi had all the features they were looking for. Active dual pens, wireless display technology, wireless tablet integration, ability to save markups directly to their server, and above all, easy to use.

This allows clients and architects to immediately mark up a drawing, discuss the updates, make changes in real time, then save and email the changes to all parties, allowing for seamless communication and quicker production times.

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The wall originally was covered with a disposable dry erase board, which they used to keep track of projects, timing, and other things. These materials are known to have poor projection display quality, often causing 'hotspots' in the image. A hotspot is a bright round ball of light from the projector lens, and is not a good thing. We proposed the Elite Screens InstaDE be installed along with the Brightlink to prevent hotspots, and give the room more versatility. This product is a foam backed projection screen that adheres to the wall, and doubles as a full dry erase whiteboard. The foam backing is perfect for using the interactive pens, offering enhanced feel, while the dry erase coating is easy to clean and maintain.

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After a brief training, the products were extremely well received. Brenda Smith, who oversaw the upgrades, said "Collin and Dwayne helped make our decision to install the Brightlink projector easy for us, ensuring we had the right product for our business needs. We are delighted with the performance of the products, and highly recommend Sycomation."