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Uzun & Case Engineers have been at the forefront of their industry for many years. As one of the largest structural engineering offices in Atlanta, they have earned a reputation for effectively balancing the structural and architectural requirements for their projects. This unique approach results in integrated designs that are energy efficient, cost effective and sensitive to the original design intent. Syncomation was asked to provide a solution for a multi use space, that can be adapted to many different meeting types.

After discussions on how they plan to use the space, a two sided room was decided. One side has a large flat panel display, while the other is a projector. To enhance the usage of the space, instead of a traditional projection screen, an Elite Screen InstaDE white board screen was used. This allows them to use the wall as a dry erase board, but also have the increased gain and image clarity of a projection screen. It also encourages interaction with projected images for brainstorming sessions, or client markups.

Keeping in the theme of multi use and easy access, we had to provide a way to connect a variety of devices to the displays. We needed to support old, current, and future a/v technology. The answer was three staged. VGA connections may seem outdated, but they are still the de-facto standard in connecting external displays on laptops. HDMI is the current method of reliable audio and video transfer on a single cable, and it is quickly supplanting VGA as the only available connection on many laptops. Wireless display technology is here today and will only be more common moving forward. With a single source (laptop, cable, etc) distributing the signal to both displays simultaneously was also a requirement.

In addition to the video connectivity we also had to consider audio. In a large room audio performance is important, especially when the requirements of the room are constantly changing. One day may be a board meeting, the next a full office webinar!

To keep costs in check it was decided to go with a Pioneer VSX-1122 for an "all-in-one" video switching and amplifier package. We paired this with Tannoy DVS series speakers, which are floating out of sight, for their excellent sound and reasonable cost. A VGA to HDMI converter was added for the legacy connections, as well as an AppleTV to support iOS and OSX wifi display mirroring. A desktop computer with HDMI output was placed out of view, controlled via wireless keyboard and mouse, to allow access to all internal network file assets. Video distribution was handled by a set of IOGear Avior components to get the signal from the Pioneer to the displays, via HDMI-over-Cat6, and everything is controlled via a Logitech Harmony programmable remote.

Using a Peerless Mount and Premier Mount we placed a short throw BenQ projector at one end of the room, providing 105" image, and a Sharp 70" LED LCD screen on other, completing the solution.

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In addition to their main meeting room, we also set up their smaller conference rooms with VGA and HDMI capabilities, again utilizing Premier Mounts to get the displays on the wall.

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Lastly, we were asked to provide a solution for the lobby that would allow visitors, and employees alike, to see current and completed projects from around the firm. Working with the architects, we knew we had to meet Federal ADA requirements for this location. ADA requires any item placed on a wall to be 4" or less away from the wall. If it is any further away than that, something must be placed near the floor so those with a vision impairment are aware and can avoid it. Once again we were able to use Premier Mounts to meet this requirement. Their ultra-slim mount allowed us to keep a 60" LCD less than 3.5" total away from the wall. Using the built-in media player, pictures of completed projects are able to cycle throughout the day.

At the end of the project everyone was more than pleased with the results. Every requirement was met or exceeded. Martin Cuadra, Senior Principal, commented "We have truly enjoyed working with your group and would have no hesitation in using your services again and/or recommending you."

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