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Display technology is a fast paced and quickly evolving industry. We can help you decide between LCD, Plasma, LED, Front Projection, Rear Projection, Interactive Projection, single chip DLP, 3-Chip DLP, and Touch Screens to make sure you get the proper display technology for your application. We have factory training and follow industry standards to make sure your content is easily seen by everyone.

Mounting the display is an often misunderstood aspect of the total system experience. Proper height and distance are key to getting a display configured properly. Improper placement will require digital image correction which may skew or distort the final image. We can make sure your images are as clear as can be, while not being obtrusive to the space.

Projection screens are critical to how well the final image will appear. Many times you will see a matte white screen, but that might not always be the best choice. High gain screens allow for ambient light control, while screen/whiteboard combo materials may be preferred for their versatility.

We are pleased to offer the following brands.

Elite Screens
Digital Projection